How to Add Weight to a Racket

By adding additional weight to the 12 o’clock position, you will increase the weight at the head of the racket and have increased power and more plow through at the point of contact.

This can noticeably give you more powerful groundstrokes from the baseline and add speed to the serve.

As always, one must be sure that adding more weight does not affect other parts of the game adversely.

A racket that is too heavy at the top of the frame can be deleterious for top spin and racket speed.

But should a player have adequate racket speed, adding several grams of weight at the 12 o’clock position can increase their power potential.

If you would like more stability on each shot, add some weight to the 3 and 9 o’clock positions.

This will decrease racket twisting in the hands as the extra weight on the sides will improve racket stability at the point of contact.

Finally, some players may want to add weight to the handle of the racket.

This can aid with maneuverability and racket speed as the heavier handle acts as a better support base for the swing.

Net players and double players may like the added weight to the handle to help with maneuverability and do not want a heavy racket head that could slow them down.

A way to add weight to the handle would be to add the tungsten strips directly to the handle underneath the grip and overgrip.

Silicone also can be used for adding weight inside the handle of the racket but it is much more difficult.

To add silicone to the handle, remove the buttcap at the bottom of the handle and add the preferred weight of silicone to the handle.

It is important to just add a small amount of weight at a time and test out before deciding on the right weight.

Even when we purchase a great tennis racket, we can still customize it further by adding weight strips to strategic parts of the frame.

I have seen firsthand how players have improved their power and racket stability by adding weight to the 3, 9, and 12 o’clock positions.

By adding lead or tungsten strips to selected parts of the racket frame while maintain adequate racket speed, you can customize your racket and gain an edge on your opponent