Tennis Stringing


Standard Racket Stringing                            $25 including labor

Standard racket stringing covers many multifilaments, synthetic gut, and polyester strings at 16 or 17 gauge.

I have a wide selection of string available and my inventory is often adding new strings that are not listed below.

Strings available include, but are not limited to:

Head Velocity MLT

Wilson Sensation Comfort

Volkl Cyclone

Solinco Hyper G

Babolat Pro Hurricane

Polyfibre Black Venom

Premiere co-poly and multi Stringing         $30 including labor

Strings included are:

Babolat RPM Blast

Luxilon 4G

Luxilon ALU Power Series

Wilson NXT Power

Hybrid Stringing with Natural Gut                            $50

I use Wilson Champions Choice Tennis String that consists of a Wilson 16 natural gut along with an ALU Power Rough co-poly string.

This is a very popular stringing setup used by several professional players.

Natural Gut Tennis Stringing                           $60

I carry Babolat VS Touch 16 and Wilson Natural Gut 16.

Natural gut is a very delicate and elastic string that is considered the premiere string in tennis.

Natural Gut has been used by professionals since the beginning of modern tennis.

Other Racket Services

Grip Replacement  $12

Overgrip Replacement  $2

Cost of Tungsten or Lead Tape plus $10 for labor

Cost of Grommets plus $10 for labor

I usually order grommets/bumperguard from Tennis Express. It takes 3-4 business day to arrive.